So you want to sell on the web? here is a quick how to…

QuantcastI would like to address those who are wanting to sell on the web in sites like eBay or Craigslist. Having been a seller of photo equipment on ebay for 10 years, and over 40 years of professional photographic background. A major problem people have selling items, is in the photographs they provide to show their item(s) (products), often they are out of focus, area is too cluttered with unrelated items, the item was put on a base that confuses the item, subject item is too far away from the camera to see detail, light and dark areas run together blocking out important detail, and/or angles and views do not provide the information to make an intelligent decision.
Most people when they want to buy something are visual, I am, and I want to see what it looks like not a stock image downloaded from a store or manufacturer, that doesn’t tell me what the item I am looking at is really like. Usually I will pass up an item if I suspect it is a stock photo, or cannot determine detail by visual inspection. I recently received a hand-held DVD player I suckered for off Craigslist, the young girl who listed it, gave me a stock photo, which didn’t match what I got, and after a month of hassle, I got it, not what I thought I was getting, but her used, and worn, not new as listed, without the power supply. but hey it works and I am a bit wiser.
This problem is not just in the home marketers but includes businesses. I was watching some items on and there was a 500mm mirror lens listed, it could be worth a fair amount of money or be a complete piece of junk, It might fit one of my cameras but might not, the description doesn’t specify, and the picture is poor so I cannot determine what it is, I only determine it is a mirror lens because it looks like the lens cap is placed in the middle of a larger glass lens.
What if you were presented the tools, and the knowledge in easy format so that you would be able to do this right. It could mean that lens which was at $11 dollars at the time could go for several hundred dollars.
People can build a quick light tent by turning an old style 4′x4′ card table upside down onto another table or counter, drape the left, right, top and back with a white bed sheet, and use quartz halogen, 5000K compact florescent, even use the sun to build a shooting environment for quality photos in a tent.
A simple inexpensive light tent made of a frame of PVC plastic pipe and fittings, can be set up or taken down, for easy storage and transport, which is also scalable for the specific needs of the user.
The light source must be equal from the top, back and sides while not reflecting light forward into the camera lens causing glare. You should be able to see a shadow to the front, left, right or back if any of the light sources are to bright or close. I will include photos later, and we can discuss the issues in detail as well. But for now you have a simple framework to shoot into.


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